Men's Bowls


Club Championships for 2017

Event Closing Date (5pm) First Round
Major Singles 27/01/2017 02/02/2017
Club Pairs 24/02/2017 05/03/2017
Club Fours 31/03/2017 09/04/2017
Veterans Singles 19/04/2017 27/04/2017
Club Triples 12/05/2017 21/05/2017
Minor Singles 14/07/2017 22/07/2017
Mixed Pairs 22/09/2017 01/10/2017
Handicap Pairs 06/10/2017 14/10/2017











Bowls Secretary

Contact: 9905 8587


Conditions of Play for 2017 

All members participating in Club events must be financial mambers of the club.

All Club Championship Events

  • All games MUST be played ON OR BEFORE the advertised date
  • The Bowls Secretary must sanction any games to be played before the advertised date.
  • If a date cannot be agreed upon by either party, the advertised date will apply.
  • "Play or Forfirt" rule will apply to all events
  • Dispensation may be given to those playing in State or Zone events.
  • Owing to the lack of spare dates for rounds posponed by inclement weather or other reasons, the Match Committee will determine new dates. It may be necessary to play during the evening.

Major Events

Open to all Grades


In all major Club Championship events, the ruling laid down by the RNSWBA will apply, however, in the Handicap Pairs and Mixed Pairs a substitute may play in the same position as the player he is replacing.

Handicap Pairs

Teams are limited to a minimum total handicap of ten (10). Minors are eligble to enter as a team.

Minor Singles

Players are ineligible if they have won a Major or Minor singles at any club or in any Zone event

Veterans Singles

70 years & over as at the first day of play, first to 25 shots

Social play in inclement Weather

If it rains on the day of play, if 10 ends have been played this will constitute a game.


It is the players responsibility to see they have a marker. Please note: the losing players are to mark the next round, losers to toss. If you enter a singles championship and draw a bye in the first round, you must be available to mark that first round.

Match Committee

The Match Committee reserves the right to alter dates and conditions of play at any time. Player's Handicaps will be determined by the players Pennant Grading for that season or as determined by the Match Committee or Chairman of Selectors.

Excessive Heat Procedure

If the temperature reaches 35 degrees players will leave the green after the end is completed for a 30 minute break. The game will continue, if the temperature does not drop a 10 minute break will be called every 30 minutes.

Pennant Results